This evening

Good evening dear readers,

Here I am, waiting for my father at this hour, on a windy cloudy weather, I put for you the picture below to capture the view where I'm standing.

There are few people wandering, some couples and a white bird flying over here (I don't know the spices of birds, so I can't figure out what kind of birs it is), ah! And I forgot to say to you that there was a rat running besides me I couldn't see it clearly because I was busy taking the picture.

You know I like this situation, I like an almost empty streets like that.

I'm going to stay standing here for almost 20 min, so I'm enjoying the state, especially that I had a rough week, full of stress and unclearly planning for what the next days may bring.

As every weekend I go back to my home city, to stay with my siblings and parents, to forget about work and " a lot in life", this weekend will be a little different I won't find my little brother (the sweet secret love :) ) cause he had finished his courses so he went to spend holidays with my cousins in Kenitra. I will miss him a lot (with tears in my eyes I say this).

See you soon, and you're welcomed to post any of your thoughts or reviews.

Have a nice night, and a great weekend.

With Love
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