Day 14, Tuesday: Ten things that make you really happy

Hello my readers :)

Well as it said in the title, I should share with you the 10 things that make me really happy.
OK let's start:

  1. My parents: Love to see them smiling, and happy, this makes me really satisfied (in some how :))
  2. my siblings: I like so much the gathering around the table of games, of lunch or breakfast, with my siblings. The laughing, and the contesting, and our fight makes me happy
  3. Travelling: I like the most travelling by train, and meeting new people new faces is one of the receipt of my happiness
  4. Taking pictures
  5. Eating breakfast at a coffee shop in the early hours of the morning
  6. Being Lazy :) : oh yeah! I feel so happy when I don't have anything programmed to do, getting up so late, sleeping late at night, eating without preparing meals :p, reading magazines, books, novels, drinking juice, and watching my favorite tv shows  
  7. Succeeding in life: studies, work
  8. Wandering in the alleys of the old cities
  9. Drawing
  10. Spending my time in and with nature

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