Keeping it up

I love it when I see people laughing, I love it when I see innocent kids playing around, I love it when seeing old people being that humble and wise ones, who give us all the concentrated good flavors of life. I love it when parents act like parents, when siblings act like siblings, I love it when kids being kids, I love it when girls act like girls, I love it when men act like men, I love it when all the things are cristal clear when all the things are so organized like the "ISO" procedure, I love it when I smell happiness in the air, the happiness that can't benn seen, nor touched, but smelt in the freshness of the hot or cold air, I love ot when I see the respect in the eyes of that one in fromt of me, i love it when i can feel the security around me where i can't be even noticed, i love it when I see humanity in front of me, within me, all around me... Humanity can't be lost in our days, it shouldn't disappear, it's the reason why we re keeping up the hope of living ;)
#love #happiness #good_mood #morocco #humanity #smile #zen_attitude

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