Day 4 - Favorite Quote and Why You Love It

Hi Dear readers,

Today challenge is the most easier one well for me, because the quote is always with me, is always on my head, and I use it the more often with myself and when encouraging other people.

"When we want we can"  
a translation of the french proverb  "Quand on veut, on peut"

Well, the first time I heard this quote, it was when I had 17 years old, preparing for my exam of high school from a person who is so dear for me, and that I respect a lot.
The quote make m productivity double in a magic way, I just have o remember my self that if I really want something I will do everything o catch it, because at the end it on the ability of my square :).

Well that's all I think for today mission, see you tomorrow with the next challenge, and I will talk about a friend, a dear friend that helps me a lot with my life.

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