A make up for day 2: ""educate us on something you know a lot about or are good at"

Good morning, dear readers,
I think I'll be always on late by 1 day, for this challenge :p
I'm doing evening courses of Germany's language, so I was tired when I got home, and so lazy to write a thing, especially about the topic.

I spent all the day wondering about that thing that I'm really good at, and makes me able to educate you, dear readers, honestly I couldn't find any. I asked my little sister, she told me that I'm good at taking responsibilities, but this is something that we born with,  and I don't have any clue how to educate such thing.. But late at night, I figure something that may be a thing that I should be proud of knowing how to do it, well there is a bunch of things that I consider myself good at doing them.

First, I'm  good at reading people, yes, once I get along with someone that I start reading his mind, the clue about this, is that I put myself on his shoes, and I start thinking the way he is, most of time it works.

Second, I'm good at taking photographs, how? too simply, I follow my feelings, and the fact how much I like the view (I'll share with you some of them later)

Finally, I'm really good at smiling, oh yeah, this is a real thing that I love doing, and by chance I'll find myself expert on doing it. How I consider myself good at it, well, I can hide everything that could bother me, with a beautiful charming smile. And I ensure you, this is really a good thing that I encourage you to do it every morning, every time you open your eyes the morning.

So saying so, see you in the next post, dear readers. In mean while I send to each of you a very fresh enthusiastic smile :)

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