Day 23, Thursday: Things you've learned that school won't teach you

Good morning dear friends,

I didn't show up these two last days, cause I didn't have any answers for the tasks.
Otherwise, today's challenge is very interesting,  and I can't wait to read what the others will write down.
For me there are many things that I've learned and that the school didn't teach me, starting by
1+1 doesn't always equal 2Oh yeah, there is no logic in real life, there are always some minus things or surplus things that must be added to make the equation correct.
Also, in the school, they didn't teach me how to balance all the stress I will have in my life, they didn't teach me how can I prioritize my life's sides.
Another thing is that the school (well at least here in Morocco), didn't teach us how to deal with this different type of people (the liar, the egocentric people, ....) and even how to work out the problems with people, with human beings, they make us think that the mark of the exam is and will be the highest important thing of our lives. and now I can see successful people who weren't that bright in the school.
and the last and important thing, that I could never forget, or forgive, is that school they didn't at all teach us that everyone has the right to set up their dreams and pursue them, that everyone should have the possibility and the opportunity to show up what they're capable of. They didn't teach us at all how to convince life about our dreams, about our perceptions.

Well this is it for today, Please don't forget to visit my page of photography, you're very welcome to send me some of your reviews.

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