Day 25th of may, of the challenge of bloging every day in May

Today's challenge is to share something someone told you about yourself that you'll never forget.

Well for me there are a lot of words that I remember, but the only one I can remember with the most details you could is the words of my father. One day I was on a test for a job, test of selection of a job, and there were a lot of people who were taking it, so in the way back from this test, we were talking about this amount of people, and who could really pass this exam, cause they were asking for 2 candidates, and there were almost 500. At that time, my father told this : " look my girl, for me I trust in you, nd in your competences. And I'm already proud of you with or without your succeeding in this test". I couldn't say a word after hearing this, it brought tears in my eyes, and I was really happy hearing those words.

Thank you dad for all what you've done for me and for my brothers.

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