Day 30, Thursday: React to this term: Letting Go

Letting go, ok, I don't really know am I supposed to react over this subject, so I will talk about it in my way.

Letting go, what is it for me? and how I see this term in reality?

Let go is to surrender for me, is to give up, is to hand over something to time, to future to do with it as it should be.
For me letting go is something hard to do, especially when it's about m studies, my ego, my family... but in other hand, I can really let go someone out the sphere said in last sentence, I can let go something that I ve been hardly working on it, but it's always getting out out of my hands.

When can I let go?

I let go when things can't be controlled, I let go when I do my best to rearrange situations but at the end it's always the same result, I let go when the other part (talking about relationships) is giving up.

These are the moments when I let go.

But at the en I think I must be honest, not to tell you that I work so hard not to let go things out of my hands, really I'm so so preserved on reacting on things by letting them go.

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