Day 3, Friday: Things that make you uncomfortable

May be There are a lot of things the make me unconformable, I'll try to choose the most annoying things.

Le's start by the first one, well, for me, the most annoyed thing that makes me uncomfortable  is the fact of being with strangers. I hate being around with people I don't know them  and the worst part is when I have to discuss hings (either about family, or work, it's the same problem for me).

Second one, is when I need to explain myself to another person, to explain my view my anger, my behaviors  well there is two possibilities that I find myself on, when it comes to this part: Either I start yelling with non sense, and non completed sentences, or I shut my mouth without spelling a word.

the last thing, is when I should travel alone, well as much as I love travelling, as much as I hate doing it alone.

So there are the important things that really make me uncomfortable.

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