Day 8, Wednesday: A piece of advice you have for others. Anything at all.

Hello dear readers,

The topic of today in the challenge of  every single day in May is really great, I can't wait to read the others blogs about it.

Well I don't really feel in the position of advising people about anything, but my idea is to expose some of the strategies and advices that I feel myself in need of.

  • The first one is to keep the smiley face and a cheerful soul, whatever the situation can be.
  • The second one, is set priorities of our lives, either about people or about the things. and and here I'm talking especially about people, you know sometimes we don't consider the value of people around us, may be we even hurt then even if we love them, and we don't consider this unless we lose them. Speaking o myself, this is the big problem I have of my life, this is the wrongest thing I do, even if I try so badly not to be in that situation but I do really do it, and I find myself at the end lonely, even when surrounded by people. so Please try not to do this, and just consider to take care of the feelings of people who love you more than you can even notice.
  • The last one, is to search hardly for the inner gifts, to notice all the gifts round us, to contemplate the beauty of the universe, and be grateful of all the things that happen to us.

And I remind you, that those advise are in the first place addressed to me, but I think (and I hope) that may bring some inspirations to all of you.

Thank you for visiting my blog, and wish a great evening.

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