A make up for the Day 1: Story of my life in 250 words

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Well I'm from Morocco, I'm 25 years old , and my position inside the globe of my family, is either a daughter, a grandchild, or an old sister.

I have got my master degree last year, and I'm working for a multinational firm here in Morocco. and I want hardly change the job, because it's not what I always wanted or myself.
So here we go, my life was and is around most of the time, two cities, Larache and Tangier.
Larache is where I lived my all my childhood, and my adolescence  then after I got my baccalaureate degree, I moved to Tangier to continue my studies at the university, Economic College.
I got my Bachelor degree on 2009, then move back to Larache to search for a any job opportunities, thing that was a little bit hard, so I decided to continue studies the following year, I applied for the master degree, of Logistics.

I like drawing, I like reading books, I like be cut of the world, and I like travelling so much.
I like meeting new people, an enlarge the circle of my acquaintances, and learn about different cultures.

I think tat basically, I reached the 250 words, so I passed the day 1.

And I'll post the day 2, this evening.

Till then enjoy the journey on my wall :)

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