Day 13, Monday: Issue a public apology. This can be as funny or as serious or as creative as you want it to be.

well my public apology is serious, because there are too people I want to apologize to them.

First of all my parent, I want to say to them this : "I'm so sorry for all what I might say, or do, that have hurt you, I'm so sorry I couldn't be the person who wanted me to be, I'm so sorry, I really feel so sorry for what I've done to you, or all the tears I make flow from your eyes. And it's true I don't have any reason to do so, so I beg you to accept my apologies"

Second, my brothers, I want to say to them: " I'm sorry if I couldn't be the best example to follow, if I couldn't be for you as much as a helping person, I'm just sorry I don't feel that 'm able to help you in any of your life, I sorry that I just keep worrying inside my head, and bleeding inside without taking any steps to help you, I'm just sorry"

Third, my friends, well except that I have any, I want to say sorry for all the people that wanted  to be close to me and I didn't give them that opportunity, that I rejected them, because of my personalty, because of my fears.

And at least, I wanted apologize to myself, for disappointing her, for letting her down, for being so far from being real, so far from being helpful.

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