Day 31, Friday: A vivid memory

The last day of the challenge.
I skipped two or three days, but here I am, living the sense of it till the last day.
I really liked it, and being committed to something like that made me learn from the shares of other bloggers, and also speak out my emotions, and doubts.

Turning back to today's topic, which vivid memory, I think I'll talk about the memory concerning me and my brothers.
Well, I have one sister and two brothers, and I really love them so much, the memory that I keep missing every day and every moment I meet them is when we gather eachother and we play together, we play cards, weplay monopoly, we watch together movies and tv shows, and fight together I really love those moments, when I gotback home, to find them waitiong too for me to watch or play together, it was so vivid, and this what I really call a vivid memory.

Thank you jennet for this challenge I love it, and weget back soon and meet Onan other challenge.

With love Nisrine

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