Day 10, Friday: Most embarrassing moment (s).

Hi dear readers,

I don't really feel good this morning, but I will tell you about an awkward moment that makes me feel embarrassed every moment I remember it.

Well one day, I was late or work, so I put on new clothes and I hurry to wait for the transportation, cause I work in a company that is far away from home for almost one hour. So I remind you that I work with one woman and 5 men. so once I got on the office, one colleague start laughing, (and imagine, someone laughing at the morning, when everything is quiet, an really upset of amount of work that is waiting for us), well I turned back and asked him what the matter, well he tried to stop laughing and he told me that there are heat-sealed labels sticking on my clothes.
Well I felt so embarrassed that day, but after it was a funny thing, we laughed and we began our wok with some humor.

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