Wednesday, September 4: I'm falling to pieces.

Good morning readers,

Happy to join the "BLOGTEMBER", I'm more busy these days, so I couldn't start at the first days.
You know I've read the subjects, they are interesting, and I start today by the Wednesday's subject, because I've read it already Monday, and since then I'm talking about it, I'm talking about the things I will do I f I could take three months off from my current life.

I'm so hilarious these days, well since the mounth of June, I have conquer a lot of stress, and I want really change all my life, I would really take those 3 months off from this life I'm living theses days.

I'm sure you you have been in that situation when you really keep saying 'I hate myself', when you want hide from all the people you meet, when you just feel like you're dead but even so you're keep breathing.

Well for me those three months that I'm going to take, for sure it will be all a journey that I've always dreamed to take. I will start by going to Turkey for a week: I visit all the beautiful places bellow:

Well this one is affordable for me, the visa, all the procedures are so simple.

then I will take a week where I will visit Gibraltar, it's a small british city, so near from Morocco, and Spain country.

Gibraltar will take from me a max of 2 days, so After I will take a tour in Europe: 1 Day in Paris -France- , 1 Day in Geneve -Switzerland- , 1 Day in Burgge -Belgique-.

I wish I could go to Iceland, Greenland, and Australia. It will take me a total of 10 days.
Then I want go back to Morocco, chose a Land where it has a view on the sea, and a behind green, I want to spend the rest of the vacation with my little cat, and the house I want to rent, I want it with a pool, so that I could spend the hole night on it.

Well it's going to be a perfect vacation with no woriies about a brother, or a work, or whatever else which is ruining my life right now.

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