Tuesday, September 10: Describe a distinct moment when your life took a turn.

Ok, Today's task is a little bit discret :)

Hello friends,

If I want to talk about this moment when my life has took a turn, well it will be the year when I took my Baccalaureat.
This year was a total turn of my life, I face a lot of obstacles, human obstacles, material ones, and myself ones.
I found myself responsible of my future, I had to search everywhere to find a school where I could continue my studies, and make my parents proud of me.
Well this is was till lately my first concern "make my parents proud of me" but apprently I should turn back, and be concered more with my little business.
Back to my studies, well the year of my graduation, my friends and colleagues every one of them are preocuppied by their own destiny. This same year w got troubles with family, in fact it was because of my graduation. I told my cousin that I may come over to their city to continue my studies, but she refused in a strange way, well then it was me telling my mum the event, then a lot of situations come after that makes the bonfire starts between the two families, So I have to cohabitate with a new situation that is being apart of my rituals.

That year I have started to live alone, cause I moved over another city which is far from my home town. It was really hard, I was so attached to my family, to fight with my little brothers, and I was supposed to be responsible of my own food, clothes, economies... It was really hard for me, but it was the most important stage of my life, living alone for the first time of my life, been concerned by my own food, my own destiny. I learned a lot of things there and I'm still learning, this is the beautiful thing in my life, learning, from books from people, I keep learning, and I think It will never end being a student of life.

Hope you got me , an d thanks for Jenni, to make us talk this way. I love to write :) and you find the right subject that encourage us in doing this.

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