Self portrait

When first I was writing about my lifedays I was keeping what I write in the draft section, i donnu because i want just to experience the fact of writing about the feeling of everything I go through during the day....
But now I feel mostly so exciting about it, i write every single word and I'm sure that everyone who is reading it must feel the same as I'm feeling.
During these past days I was so much furious, I was sick, I was lost, not because someoneelse, but I admit it was becauseof me, I was so highly putting trust in everyone else but me, I was loosing my confidence by admiring other people who really don't deserve a bit of it.... Since then I'm thinking what should I do? What should I do to help myself get through this... Quit the situation? Quiting was my only way to solve my problems,to get better... But with those peoplr I'm living with I ensure you that I had enough, I reaalu do want to meet girls anymore, I may even not trust a girl in a 100% ... And withing those eventsI'm living right now, my only hope my only source of hope is needing a hope energy too, so what should I do? Wow I never imagined myself in such situation really I put myself in hell, and i'm stuck now I 'm stuck with people who don't know what humanity means, I'm stuck with people who can't forgive or forget....I feel so strange, but I will survive fir sure :)

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