Missing things and people

Good evening my dear readers,
In one of my posts here, I was talking about a person who I care about a lot and who taught me lot of things, and I start thinking that our rrlationship may not continue the way it was before, well lately we reached each other, he is sick? He is in a state of a coma, and he wasn't able to talk me because he thought that I wouldn't talk to him....
Wel.I gotta feeling that I'm the one to balne here, I'm guilty of what he is oiving right now? The worst thing is the fact I can't do anything to help... I am feeling worthless, and I am starting believing this fact.
He keeps telling me that he id ok, he is getting better, while I am feeling that I am getting worst.
Till now I am just observing and running away from the reality, i don't know what may going to be this situation (till this moment it was going for good to bad, hope it's not going to be worst) , and deeper I am in some how feeping that my drems of becoming the happiest person with a healthy realtionship may come true, and will come true one day.
I'm reading a book named "thr man who wanted to be happy" french version, I try to apply sone of those advices there enjoying the amazing talk between the men in the book, and makes envy those people who met "samtyang" the wiser man who help people to find their happiness, And best of all makes them talk about all what others may not here.
I recommend all of you to read this novel by cornelle.


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