A momemnt to relive

What should I say? What moment exactly I should relive, may the moments of my primary secondary school when I was a brilliant student, and every teacher knows by heart both my face and name... Or the moments when I feel so lazy watchieng tv shows, in my bed with popcorns, or juice.... Or maybe the moments of my childhood, when I believed in those human aspects, those human feelings, when i believed  innocently in love, in strong willing, when i was playing with my cousins with sand building houses, and rivers, playing cards late at night talking about stealing bananas, or hiding some of sweets.
The fact about the last memory that everytime I lokked at it I remember a scene that made feel like I m still a child, the scene was between me and my cousin, I spent every summer holiday with her family, she was 2years older than me, and one day like always I asked her to play with me with sand, building figures, she yelled at me saying that she doesn't want to play that anymore, You can imagine the amount of shame I felt that day, just remebering the scen after about 15 years can explain it. 
So from that moment I stopped asking other people to play with me especially with sand, I took side to play with my cousins boys with whom .i feel no shame talking and doing things I feel confortable doing them, and I started getting away from being a girly friend with my girl cousins.

 That's for today, I have a lot to talk about but I have reorgnised my ideas to speak them outloud.

Till then please accept my greetings.


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