Find my way back

Well, The best thing I get from watchind TV shows is the new songs I Hear....

Well you can say that I'm living a free life now, really, trying to enjoy every second of my life, I turned down a job position, and I kindda waiting for a reply from another firm, in somehow I like being free, I missed that a lot, may be it's going to be a negative point on my CV, but I can easily figure out what I should say (well nothing else than  the truth :p).

My jobless's list was a lot like this:
- Reading
- Jogging
- Travelling
- Learning

Well I almost did.... nothing.
HEre's what I did so far:

- Walking Twice a week : from 10 to 20 Km
- Reading blogs*- Travelling with Family a lot (well at least once a week)
- Trying to learn a different aspect of philipy (Since I have the opportunity meeting a very great man, a wise one, who I love to hear and listen to)

In some how I did good things during this mounth and a half...

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