a letter to my dearest brother

Hello my dear brother,

I know you may find it weird , the fact that I'm writing you this, because as you always told me I'm such a haughty person, (and you're not the only one who's telling me this don't worry), so to proove you wrong I'm writing you these words :p, no!!! honestly I want you to know how big I respect you and love you a lot deep in my heart :) this is the biggest why for this letter. So let's start.

Well as I and you  both know, you're my old brother, and you can't imagine how I am proud of it, to have a big brother. I have friends who take that gift as a curse oh yeah, but not me, the difference between us is almost 4 years, so when I was born you had 4 years old and some months, I don't remember really how you held me back then, but my mother told me that you were hiding a lot of affection for me, and so caring, you were rehearsing the songs you were taking at school, and when I was shouting and screaming, you snoke around to make me quiet, well told my mum that you were a little angel to me, and I like hearing those stories about you caring about me that phase, (I know except that bite you did on my left hand and you keep telling me ;) (it's ok)). 

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