Missing Me

I walk alone with the music around me, just me..; I enter to the class with the music on my ears, I sit at the bottom of the class, hidden from the professor, by some of my colleagues. And here I go, a special clip video start tuning on my head just on my head, no one can see it but me, no one can hear it but me. The teacher is talking, I see clearly the movements of his lips, and I'm like paying attentions to what he is explaining (I'm not fooling him, but enjoying this moment) and the people on the class form a special piece of art to contemplate; some of them are students, those who sit in front of the teacher, then come the different people I like their free contribution to my project. some talking, some dreaming, some drawing, some making fun of the teacher especially if he can't pronounce exactly some words in French, or just repeating the one word all over the hole lesson, other drawing on the space booked for the lesson on their copybooks (I used to do this a lot of times :p), then come the others who want to be sitting on the first line, but they either couldn't find a place, or either their friends urge them  to join the second place, they think that they can do two different things on the same time (concentrating with teacher, and satisfying the roles of their friends' world).
Or ....
I walk alone with the music on my ears, I have a class at 2:30 pm, walking toward the room, but on my road there is a taxi waiting for one person to pick up to the center of the city. I change my mind and I choose to be that person, it is not a big deal,  I can have the lesson from my colleagues, they're kind about it :)
And here I am at the center of the city, I walk all alone with the music on my ears, and many people participate in my clip video, many places, I love wandering in the M'dina  (old city). There an other life is going on, another piece of art, another mood I got once I'm there, I know that all the people know this place, but for me it's my secret world where I take refuge every-time I want to cut me off the world. I like it so much, And I miss it as hell this time.
Or just as simple...
Watch a movie like (le ciel d'octobre), or Freedom writers, One Day, the Last episode of Gossip Girl, and stay at home dreaming that one day I could accomplish something great in my life.

I Really miss those days a lot, miss them that I really don't want work any further more, I miss my childhood when I kept shut all the time, while inside my head there is a lot going on, many words, many dreams many lives, many visions....  I just miss my life :)

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