And a love story

I think it's time to write something about a flavored part of my life, that has known a special treatment from different angles. Well I will start by talking about a guy destiny puts on my path, to learn a lot from him, and also too  contemplate a different way of life. (what I'm going to write here is based on what the guy told me, and honestly I'm not sure if it's a 100% true, because in all the cases it's a story from one side so sure it will not be perfect).
II've known the hero of this post whose name is M.T. via another person, who is a friend of his named A.N.
It was a long story, a strange story, first it became by a love of a teenagers young people, then it developped year after year, and the love of the first year wasn't like the love of the next on, at first days I felt myself really lucky to find soleone to talk to him'about everything, especially that i had a lot of problems with my mum, M.T. Was the best person to discuss with him'all of the pain caused those days by myself and my family.
Firstly, because it was a blind relationship, i found hIs friend A.N. In a chat service we ve talked a lot, and because of teenage's acts (that i can name them childlich acts) he gave my number to his friend M.T. And this one starts talking to me as a new person, in any way he was much better than A.N. In lot of things.
Secondly M.T. Was diplomatic person, he was just discovering new people, he himself had never fell in love that time, so he was like he was saying "let's see what it will happen next" , and i take advantage of the situation', because i was really in deep need of help, and he gave it to me, intentially or not, he was there with me whenever i needed him, we used to talk about all things and somtimes nothing just talk fir talking.
Finally he was from a rich soiciety, unlike me who was just from a modest one, so for both of us this experience in its first periodes was just , an adventure, may be deep inside we were sure that it won't last forever, it would be just a "game" for two or three days months or even years, than everything will be back to the normal.
Afetr a year M.T' has disappeared, i was in my second year in high school, and i think he was at the final year, so i think he disappeared because he was that kind of sckhooly boy, the intelligent one, and he wanted to succeed in his studies rather than waste his time with a girl who is full of lot of complex problems. But as outlandish as it will seem, he turned back, he used a different phone number and he contacted me again. I still don't know why, or if it was him, so we get back together and we continue talking', we will meet each other after 3 years of knowing each other, and after 1 year of his re contacting me again.
And there begins a new split of our relationship', i was in college, he too, and since we were from different cities we used to meet each other like once a week, sometimes twice a week, it was something really new for me, and it was in some how getting seriouz even if we didn't want perhaps.

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