What I really really want....

I want to write, I want to fly high, I want to make my life so easier, I want you be by my side, I want… plenty of things, I want to be happy, whatever the tools are, whatever  the life I’m living is, I want to just be happy… but if you ask me” what may make you happy?”, I won’t be able to reply, I will rather keep smiling, and I’ll imagine myself happy and try to check what have made me happy on that imagination, but  you know, I want it badly, that’s for sure, I want to feel love all the time, I want to spend my time laughing , and jogging, and sharing my love, even if just with my smile, I want share my happiness all over the world… Ohhh! I exaggerate aren’t I? well, here I am  in front of Bush, would I share with him my smile?! Mmm!! I don’t think so, not because I don’t want to, but because he wouldn’t care if I’m really smiling, or trying to convince him, to help Muslim people around the world, Iraqi ones, or to negotiate the price of petroleum… I will smile whatever the people are, whatever the situation will be, whatever mine will be, I will smile, cause that makes other people smile too, cause I feel love into their eyes while I’m smiling with them, I will smile, and I will love with all the power I got inside me… will you smile? Will you share your love? Will you let me smile with you? Will you let me see the love in your eyes? Will you help those people to smile? Will you give them the opportunity to feel Love?
Why have we stopped to care about each other? Why have we forgotten to feel love to each other? why Have we chosen to live with the appearances more than our qualities?  Why have we chosen to be cold? To be selfish?
For me, the complicated situation that I can face in a day, is how to control my « access” of caring about others. Oh yeah , in our days, caring about a person, asking about him,  will give two of results there is no third: either you search to make a a benefit, or you re crazy one. What will you choose? The best  answer will be : I’ll choose to care about people no matter how they think. Sometimes this is what I do, but, in other times I choose to be cold.

Really I can’t wait to live In paradise, To see it first, to explore it next, to live in it in last, I really want live in paradise, where I will meet all tose kind people, those strong ones, those loved ones… I want to win the paradises, and in the mean time I m fighting here in this life, not with other ones, no, just with myself, to have a principle, to have that right principles, to live according to my God rules, and to smile with all people no matter their religion will be ,  or their  ages, no matter how will I feel, no matter my situation will be… I WILL SMILE… I SMILE… I’m smiling J

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