Things to watch!

These last days I've started watching some documentaries, it wasn't plan, they were just suggestions from a friend, and I liked the fact of watching new style.

I'm a person who likes travelling, who likes meeting new people, new cultures, new visions of life, new opinions, and documentaries are really made for people like me, especially when I don't have time or ability to travel. (which makes me sick).

Today I'm gonna share with you some of those documentaries, starting by:
  1. The art of flight: is a documentary powered by RedBull, about snowboarding, you re going to be amazed about how beautiful is the snow, and how courageous are those people who take actions on living their dreams.

2. "Baraka": is a mute documentary, showing in 90 minutes all kind of people who are believing in that state of mind of "Baraka" (which means Blessings), it's a wonderful documentary, you can yourself comment it in your own head. or just watching it stopping all kind of thoughts you can have.

Enjoy your moments....
see you soon :)

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