Here we go: let it go

You know I start by believing that I have a great life, I have many things that people search for: Love, work, studies, smile, a super great family, I have been searching for happiness but I'm already living it.
Listning to music makes me feeling hih, makes me see the beauty throught pain... I love dreaming, I love meeting new people, I love learning from the other experiences.
Between brakeys I'm moving to a new house, oh yeah because I got a raise in my budgets, my sister will join me for her summer holifays after her exams, and this makes it after 3 days.
I have some thinhs to solve this week to make my path clear from some dusty crushes... This is life and I have to move on, it's the right time to let go of that thing that keeps catching and holding up my success... It should be the time.
With a big hope

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