Wondering: I am really living or just wandering?!

These few two days, I tried to figure out what is really my goal in this life, not the famous question”why I am here in this life?”, no not this one, in fact I am searching of what I have been doing in this 25 years of my life "(my age by the way).
Let’s do it mathematically:
25years is summing up my childhood, my adolescencee, and the biginnig of my adulthood. let’s calculate the years.
from 0 to 13: Childhood time
from 13 to 20: Adolescence
from 20 till now: Adulthood.
As a normal person I think I’m doing fine till now, I’m doing even great. To judge here are some of my achievement or all my achievements:
  • Studies: Get my master degree
  • Work: a well paid job, and very restful one
  • Relationships: I’m doing greatt comparing to my past, I’m not judging anyone, not trusting anyone, and treating everyone as my friends
  • Family: Trying so hard during my life to make my parents and my borthers and sister proud of me, some how I think I made it till now.
  • My own plans: I want to travel around the world, and make a punch of friends from different cultures. ( a plan waiting to be realise)
And I Wonder how it's going to be my next 25 years... 

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