Taking chances

Sometimes I feel like I’m doing the right thing, I feel so happy to live my life, I feel so anxious on getting up the morning and do whatever I want to do, or whatever I planned the night before.
Normally my work start on 8:00 am, so I try so often to get up at 7:00am, with those tries every morning, I leave my bed at like 7:30, sometimes 7:45, so I wash up my face, and try to do some delicious breakfast. I usually like bread with jam and butter, but sometimes I got on mind to prepare some eggs, those mornings when I eat eggs or I plan to eat them, I feel alive, and very energetic to start my day.
and with some music around, my day is going to be perfect , well as I wish.
and from time to time, I want so badly to go to a coffee to get my breakfast, but if I want so, I have to get up so so early, wich is a very difficult task to do especially on winter.
Here starts, once finished the breakfast, I get out to wait the transport service, to pick me up. I honestly don’t like my colleagues, we’re from different worlds, and believe me when I say that. so along the way I usually keep staring at the cars, scanning faces, wondering if one day I will have a car, and a very well paid job, and in the same time, I look at those sport men and women, and I feel so jealous because I want to try this one too: get up early at the morning (who knows I’ll make it someday) and get my trainees, and go out for a walk with a music on my ears.
Sometimes I exchange some work sentences with the colleagues, I know that they don’t like me neither, and for sure they don’t get me …

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