Home, sweet Home!!!

After being silent for a long time, here I am back to my chronicles.
In fact, I was wondering if it's necessary to keep writing it down here, or it's becoming more and more bored.
I don't know the answer yet, mean while here are my life's updates:
- I ve got a job, I started 3 months ago (wow it s been more than three months that I m off my blog :-o)
- I start feeling monotony of the hole things I'm doing, I m living, well my hole life is becoming meaningless.
- I ve stopped doing my exercises, no walking no running...
- Everyone is becoming for me nonlogical, nonsense, everyone is becoming more and more superficial, and I don't like a  lot of things I used to overpass.
- I'm still single
- I intend to go abroad (how? I don't know yet)
as an introvert person, I would like that every body understand it, and leave me alone when I want to, I want them to understand that I hate judges they throw on me, I hate being under their microscopes, me myself, I stopped analysing people, you know why, because I don't want to anymore, it's more or like being nosy person, if those people don't want to share with me their critical lonely moments, why should me interfere? with which status I will analyse their lives? even those close persons, even my family, I got enough of leading them.. of caring about the way they feel, it's enough, I want to live my life too, I want be ME... Can you understand that?

Well practically you don't because you don't read this, and I won't never say those things out-loud.

May be one day in the past I was so excited to go back home, to find my little siblings waiting for me, to watch TV together, or to play cards, I was back then me, without the effort of e explaining that I am in some how different, yes, it was so easy, it was Me back then, it was home sweet home... but now it's not anymore, Big house with small space to be Me....

What should I do? what do you do in such cases?

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