That kind of women....

I want do some gossiping today, about a woman that all I feel for her, is SORRY, really , sometimes Sympathy... and other times dis-likeness.

That woman is a kind of person who is really feeling so inferior inside but, thinking that she must hide it from all world in front of, to be strong...

A person who is really feeling inferior, is a bomb, I'm being honest here.
A woman who is running for "just" money, oh yeah, I meet that woman, I kind of live with here for at least 8 hours a day. And I ensure you that she is not doing well, she is really pathetic, sometimes I fell sorry for her, because she is that kind of person, that I don't like, I just get away from people like that woman, because they're nothing to me, they're just wasting their times and lives, and of course they will do the same if I just get close to them.

Yeah I know I don't know the situation she is living, may be she married that old french person, with different religion, to get richer, or she fell pregnant, and she had to have a dad for her children, or she doesn't have supporting parents, or she just wants to live as spouses of business men, even if her spouse isn't that business man, he is just an ex driver, and he wants to take advantages of the rise of Moroccan economy, so he settles down here, and takes advantages of all the opportunities, in the legal or illegal ways most of the times.

I really feel so sorry for her, even if she is trying to make me suffer in a way, but at the end she is gonna lose, "tôt ou tard", she is going to fall apart, and I'm really sure about this.

Well I just want by this article, to make you understand that there are people outside who are really evil, who really forget or try to forget that this is not eternal, that the life they're living isn't going to last forever.
And to remind you of how you should be grateful of what you have, yes I'm grateful for my supporting parents, of my siblings that they make me laugh, and live my life however it is.
I'm grateful of that kind of great feeling I have. I'm really grateful of everything my God has given to me.

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