The witch of portobello - paulo coelho

By reading the novel of the witch of portobello, I felt really living the story, in parts i widhed i could be Andrea, others i wished be Edda, and of course I wished be Sherine,in most of those parts.
It's true i should not believe,in everything is writing there, but I do really believe in those moments of freedom that everyone of us should have.
The part wherr the director of the bank where Sherine was working was the scene when I started loving the novel.
The famous question of happiness that doubtly we ask other people and often ourselves has been treted wisely and differently at the same time. The search of the inner beliefs, the inner joy was the common point between all the interviewers (those who have been asked).
I personnaly doubt my existence my happiness while reading the book, and I think I should change the colour of my readings after I'll finish this one.
Returning to the witch of portobello, you know that every time there is a paragraph where differrrnt steps of (didconnecting body and soul) I was trying them, well Mr.Paulo is good on this, by reading the alchimist, the fifth mpuntain and aleph I can confirm this gift he got on this.
Look with me at this quote j« start doing what you want to do, and everything elsr will be revealed to you. Believe that God is the mother and looks after her children and never lets anything bad happens to them. I did that and I survived. I discovered that there were other people who did the same, but who ate considered to be mad, irresponsible, superstitioud. since time immemorial, they've sought their inspiration in nature. We build pyramids, but we alsodevelop symbols»
Let's start by the first sentence, in our religion of islam we have a (hadith) said by our prophet Mohammed (pbuh) where he pointed that our God is more affective on His worshippers than  mother on her children, do I'm wondering,why I can't use in my daily life, why I'm fearing everyone and everything, why I just can't be believing on this before i read the same sentence with even less meaning? Wellthis iswhat i got by reading paulo, he reveals everything prequoted in my religion, and he is just here to explain to me in other ways. Is it the love of my God that is lighting my way or am I just lying on myself because hinestly I'm not that good person who can deserve that love, but in other ways I swear by God He the glorious be He, accepted many of my prayers, so He definitely knows that I'm here, that I'm on His list, isn't it?
Here is another quote :«but my one prayer is this (said by a blacksmith): please God' don't give up until I've taken on the shape that Yiu wish for me. Do this by whatever means You thunk best, for as long as You like, but never ever throw me on the scrap heap of souls» what a prayer, it touched everyine's soul wow' please My God don't give up on me.

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