1st day of ramadan

Today is the first day of Ramadan, here in Morocco as well as in am other muslim countries.
You may ask what is Ramadan, well Ramadan is a mounth of islamic year, when muslim people fast, and multiply their worships to gain mercy from Allah.

Personnally I love this period of year it's like the engine of our spirits, our souls for the rest of the year, really I enjoy every second of it, and right now I'm most likely afraid of loosing a minute doing things that may nullify my points.

I thank God for giving me this opportunity to live again this mounth, I 'm grateful to be a muslim, and to be aware of such important evnt, that I ask my God to help me use it, and use every second of it to thank Him, and worship .him, as He the glorious, wants me to.

ramadan is the time that makes us muslims so close to paradise to Allah, so please God help us glorify this period, and may You accept all our modest deeds.

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